Arts and creativity are vital to Michigan – to the economy, our communities and neighborhoods, and our schools. Learn how to become an arts advocate with the Lexington Arts Council.

We are continually growing our outreach and venues for the arts. Over the past 20 years, the Lexington Arts Council has grown from a backyard music concert to providing the Blue Water area with world renowned musicians during the Lexington Bach Festival, nine or more concerts per year through our Music in the Park summer concert series, scholarship opportunities for local high school students, and numerous special events that promote the creative arts throughout our area.

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Seven Compelling reasons to build support for the arts in Lexington….

One. The arts make money for Lexington
Arts Organizations create jobs, spur local economies, and generate tax revenues.

Two. The arts give students an edge in life.
Students who are regularly exposed to the arts are higher achievers than those who rarely experience the arts.

Three. The arts attracts tourists.
Lexington’s artistic, entertainment, and cultural events have proved to be magnets for visitors from outside as well as inside Lexington.

Four. The arts bring communities together.
The arts serve as a tool for people to join forces in building better stronger communities.

Five. Lexington celebrates its culture through the arts.
The arts help us appreciate our individual heritage and rejoice in our diversity.

Six. Business & Industry want the arts.
The arts enhance Lexington’s quality of life, helping Lexington attract and retain businesses.

Seven. The arts provide a return on public investment.
With all the benefits the arts offer, investments in the arts deliver a high return on every dollar.

We hope you will consider becoming an arts advocate today. Ask us how your gift can give “for good…forever” through our endowment fund.